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poetry contest The Tipsy Muse Poetry Contest
   Entry Guidelines

Coming Soon ...
This contest is currently closed.
Check here again for the next edition.

Able Muse is excited to announce its quarterly poetry contests for light verse.

We have persuaded exceptionally distinguished practitioners of this underappreciated art to donate their time and serve as judges for our "Tipsy Muse" poetry contests. Our initial judges for 2001 will include: Rhina Espaillat, X.J. Kennedy, A.E. Stallings, A.M. Juster and R.S. Gwynn.

There is no entry fee, although we welcome voluntary contributions. Contestants must be registered members of Eratosphere (Able Muse's literary forum) and each quarter may only submit one poem, and one poem only, at The Tipsy Muse Poetry Contest booth. The Tipsy Muse strips out contestants' names and other visible or invisible identification marks before posting the entries to the Tipsy Muse Poetry Contest forum (for public cheer or jeer ... contestants may not comment on their own submissions!) This is one compassionate Muse that  grants anonymity to all contestants and thus, takes great care to protect the tender poetic egos.   Once a poem is submitted, it is final and may not be revised no matter how much you beg or whine. 

Unlike other poetry contests, the public is free to praise or criticize (in accordance with our guidelines) an entry, and the judge is allowed, but not required, to take these comments into consideration. All entries must be original and unpublished, and we reserve the right to delete submissions or comments that violate our guidelines.

Able Muse's able staff will amuse itself by devising rules for each contest. The first four deadlines are March 31, 2001; June 30, 2001; September 30, 2001; and December 31, 2001. Each winner will receive $100 and a key to the Able Muse executive washroom for three months. Three honorable mentions will receive $10 each. No ties will be permitted (we may be wrong, but not wishy-washy.)

Winning entrants will be posted on Eratosphere but winners retain the right to publish their submissions elsewhere. All decisions of the judge are final, and we are emphatically uninterested in whiny complaints about their decisions. Employees, volunteers, shareholders and hostages of Able Muse and Alex Pepple Worldwide Industries are ineligible to compete.

Void where prohibited. Not void where not prohibited by the Intergalactic Council of Poetry Contest Muses.

Topic #7:

"Poem which uses traditional form, but has a significant experiment in its conception, perhaps a fusion of forms (ie: sonnet in terza rima, blues villanelle, etc.)  No more than 50 lines, no less than 8.

[Tipsy's footnotes:  Make it a funny one, of course!]

Final Judge: Diane Thiel

Have fun amusing The Tipsy Muse!

-- The Able Muse Staff

NOTE: Your contributions to Able Muse/Eratesphere, and yes, Tipsy, do make a difference ... please go here for details.


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